Conway Twitty Piano and Country/Western Memorabilia

Conway Twitty Piano and Country/Western Memorabilia

Featured Pictures

Box 1            (19 framed and autographed photos)

  1. Conway Twitty
  2. (2) Loretta Lynn
  3. Ferlin Husky
  4. Bill Monroe
  5. George Jones and wife, Nancy
  6. Charlie Daniels
  7. Randy Travis
  8. Bill Medley (of Righteous Brothers)
  9. Bill Anderson
  10. Merle Travis
  11. Tom T. Hall
  12. T.G. Sheppard
  13. Dennis Weaver (of Gunsmoke)
  14. Lynn Anderson
  15. (2) Irlene Mandrell
  16. Buck Trent (of HeeHaw)
  17. John Anderson

Box 2                                    (20 framed and autographed photos)

  1. Ben Jaggers and Enos from Dukes of Hazzard (TV)
  2. Sons of the Pioneers
  3. Tommy Cash
  4. The Kendalls
  5. (2) Eddy Raven
  6. Earl Thomas Conley
  7. Don Ho
  8. Billy Crash Craddock
  9. Cheryl Prewitt (Miss America)
  10. Vern Gosdin
  11. Sawyer Brown
  12. Con Hunley
  13. Sylvia
  14. Shelley West
  15. Helen Cornelius
  16. Keith Stegall
  17. Charly McLain
  18. Kay Adams
  19. Dixieland Dancers

Box 3                        (framed/not autographed)

  1. June Carter Cash + Carter Sisters
  2. June Carter Cash, Razzy Bailey, Rosie Carter
  3. June Carter Cash, Cheryl Prewitt (Miss America 1980), Ben Jaggers
  4. Pat Boone
  5. Tammy Wynette, Ben Jaggers, John Paule (Tammy’s Son-in-law)
  6. Jerry Clower, Stan Hitchcock, Ben Jaggers
  7. Reba McEntire, Ben Jaggers
  8. Sheb Wooley, Linda, Ben Jaggers
  9. Dr. Hook, Stan Hitchcock, Ben Jaggers
  10. Vern Gosdin, Nyhl Henson, Stan Hitchcock, Ben Jaggers
  11. Major Songwriters
  12. Irlene Mandrell, Irby Mandrell, Ben Jaggers
  13. Lee Greenwood, Ben and Corlett Jaggers
  14. Senator Lamar Alexander, Ben Jaggers
  15. The Kinsman

Box 4                                    (framed/unsigned)

  1. Large group including: Bill Monroe/ Little Jimmie Dickens/John Hartford/ Ernie Ashworth/ Australia/etc…
  2. Clay and Sally Hart (of Lawrence Welk Show)/ Ben Jaggers
  3. Sons of the Pioneers/ Enos (of Dukes of Hazard Show)
  4. England Dan/Stan Hitchcock/ Ben Jaggers
  5. The Kendalls/ Ben Jaggers
  6. Billy Vaughn and orchestra/ Stan Hitchcock/ Ben and Dean Jaggers
  7. The Kendalls
  8. Sheb Wooley/ Johnny Russell/ Kaye Adams/ Freddie Wellen (of Paul Revere and the Raiders)/ Stan Hitchcock/ Ben Jaggers
  9. Marizona Robbins (Marty Robbins widow)/ Ben and Dean Jaggers
  10. Jeannie Seeley (Grand Ole Opry)
  11. Marc Gray/ Razzy Bailey
  12. Sawyer Brown
  13. The Kendalls/ Ben Jaggers
  14. Razzy Bailey
  15. Penny DeHaven/ Kelly Lang/ Ben Jaggers
  16. Crowd Shot with June Carter Cash in Front Row
  17. Wayne Massey
  18. Music Village flyer
  19. Kippi Brannon

Box 5

  1. Kenlake Music Hall
  2. Kenlake Music Hall
  3. Ferlin Husky Museum ground-breaking
  4. Nyhl Henson/Dean Jaggers/ Ben Jaggers/ Stan Hitchcock/ Burkett Nelson/ presenting gift from Disney to Ben.
  5. Marty Robbins Museum 1st Right/Ferlin Husky wings of a Dove Museum 2nd right/Showcase of Stars Theater 3rd right.
  6. Aerial of Music Village USA/ Twitty City foreground center/ Showcase of Stars Theater .
  7. Twitty City with Conway’s Museum, Office, home and children’s town homes.
  8. Plaque to Ben Jaggers for 1985 MDA Show raising $10,000
  9. Plaque to Ben Jaggers for service to Hendersonville Chamber.
  10. Tammy Wynette home in Alabama.
  11. (21) Twitty City cups.
  12. Merle Haggard Backstage Pass
  13. Gary Morris All Access Pass
  14. Loretta Lynn Country Radio Seminar Pass
  15. Righteous Brothers Concert 6/15/1962
  16. Music Village Celebration 1983 Ticket
  17. Music Village VIP
  18. Twitty City Pin
  19. (4) Music Village USA Pins
  20. Travel south USA + Homecoming 1986 Lapel Pin
  21. Music Village Framed Flyer
  22. (2) Stones from Ernest Tubb’s homeplace in Benjamin, Texas personally collected by Ben Jaggers.

Box 5 (continued)         Page 2

  1. (2) Music Village USA Coffee Mugs.
  2. Kenny Rogers Book
  3. The Best of Country Book
  4. Kenny Rogers “Making It with Music” Book
  5. Johnny Cash “Man in Black” Book
  6. Johnny Cash “The New Johnny Cash” Book
  7. Autographed Softball from the Barbara Mandrell/Conway Twitty Classic signed by: Conway, Cal Smith, Velton Lang and others…
  8. (2) Paperweights “Country Music Fun 1985”
  9. (1) Twitty City Music Village USA Cap, (1) Music Village USA Cap
  10. Lura Bainbridge Music Village Sales Production 1989
  11. (12) Cards from various artists: Tammy Wynette, Bobby Bare, Helen Cornelius, Gary Morris, Vern Gosdin, Jerry Reed, etc…
  12. (34) Slides: Louise Mandrell on-stage: Ronnie Robbins, Michael Martin Murphey, Conway, Mel Tillis, Jerry Reed
  13. (28) Slides: various: construction stage


(page 3)  Box 5:  Photos, MV USA/Twitty City, Stars, Celebration ’83, etc..

  1. (30) photos of stars including: Barbara Mandrell, June Carter Cash, Carter Sisters, Reba McEntire, George Strait, Cheryl Prewitt, etc..
  2. (30) photos including: Pat Boone, Jerry Reed, Ray Stevens, Pinkard + Bowden, Louise Mandrell, Irlene Mandrell, Irby Mandrell, Stand Hitchcock, Freddie Weller, TG Sheppard, Steve Wariner, Dottie West.
  3. (30) photos including: Lynn Anderson, Tommy Cash, Enos of Dukes of Hazard, Sons of the pioneers, Ronnie McDowell, Razzy Bailey, June carter Cash, Buck Trent, Carter Sisters
  4. (30) photos including: Dan Seals, Dave & Sugar, The Kinsmen, Porter Wagoner, John conlee, Razzy Bailey, Vern Gosdin, Hank Williams.
  5. (30) photos including: Billy Vaughn Orchestra, Hagar Twins (HeeHaw), Jeannie Seeley, Eddy Raven, Mae Boren Axton, Hoyt Axton, Keith Stegall, Harold Bradley, Sylvia, Razzy Bailey, Buck Trent, McCormick Brothers.
  6. (30) photos including: Johnny Russell, Leroy Van Dyke, Mel McDaniel, Miss Kentucky, McCormick brothers, Del Reeves, Williams and Ree.
  7. (30) photos including: Little Jimmy Dickens, Ronny McDowell, John Conlee, Razzy Bailey, McCormick Brothers, etc..
  8. (30) photos including: TG Sheppard, Steve Wariner, Big Al Downing, Buck Trent, Johnny Russell, Kippi Bannon, Hap Peebles, Ronny Dove, Patsy Stoneman.
  9. (30) photos including: Sylvia, Freddie Weller, Tommy Cash, Williams + Ree, Ronny McDowell, Irby Mandrell, Ronny Dove , Keith Stegall, Harold Bradley, Stand Hitchcock.
  10. (30) photos including: Louise Mandrell, Ferlin Husky, Del Reeves, Rosie Carter, Penney Dehaven, Dave & Sugar, Uncle Willie + Stan Hitchcock, etc..
  11. (30) photos including: Pat Boone, Jerry Clower, June Carter Cash, Mark Barnett, Miss America ’80 Cheryl Prewitt, Kay Adams, Razzy Bailey, Lynn Anderson, Stan Hitchcock
  12. (30) photos including: Bobby G. Rice, Freddie Weller, Big Al Downing, Ferlin Husky, Porter Wagoner, Hank Williams, Twitty City Groundbreaking, Penney Dehaven
  13. (30) photos including: Big Al Downing, Ronny Dove, Famous Songwriters, Melba Montgomery, Florida Bill, Johnny Russell, Freddie Weller, Sheb Wooley, Gene Watson, LE White, etc..

(Page 4)  Box 5 continued

  1. (30) photos including: Cheryl Prewitt, June Carter Cash, Carter Sisters, mark Gray, Razzy Bailey, Ronny McDowell, Penny Dehaven, Stan Hitchcock, Uncle Willie, Rick Taylor
  2. (30) photos including: Sons of the Pioneers, Enos from Dukes of Hazard, Merle Travis, Jim Kearce, Stan Hitchcock
  3. (30) photos including: Porter Wagoner, Penny Dehaven, Kelly Lang, Stan Hitchcock, Kay Adams, Music Village Show Band, Dixieland dancers, Uncle Willie
  4. (30) photos including: Porter Wagoner, Penny Dehaven, Kelly Lang, Stan Hitchcock, Kay Adams, Music Village Show Band, Dixieland dancers, Uncle Willie
  5. (30) photos including: Ronny Robbins, Marty Robbins Show Band, sons of the Pioneers, Music Village showband
  6. (30) photos including: Eddy Raven, Leroy Van Dyke, Razzy Bailey, June Carter Cash, Carter Sisters, Kay Adams
  7. (30) photos including: Razzy Bailey, Gerald McCormick, Buck Trent, Ronny Robbins, Marty Robbins Band, John Conlee, McCormick Brothers.
  8. (30) photos including: Razzy Bailey, Rosie Carter, Diana Jansen, etc..
  9. (30) photos including: Various artists…
  10. (30) photos including: Halloween Show Celebration 1983, plus various stars.
  11. (30) photos including: Halloween Show Celebration 1983, plus various stars.
  12. (30) photos including: various stars at Music Village USA: Roy Drusky, Florida Bill, Doc Stone, etc…
  13. (30) photos including: various stars at Music Village USA celebration 1983: stars’ buses, Wally Fowler, Miss Kentucky, etc…
  14. (30) Photos including: Billy Walker, John Conlee, McCormick Brothers, Roy Drusky, Stan Hitchcock, etc…
  15. (31) photos including: Billy Vaughn Orchestra, June Carter Cash, Razzy Bailey, rosie Carter, Ronny Dove, Roy Drusky, Carter Sisters, etc…
  16. (35) photos including: stars, crowd, etc: Lynn Anderson, Buck Trent, Sons of the Pioneers rehearsing, Cheryl Prewitt, Tammy Wynette’s Daughter Jackie, etc…

(page 5)    Box 5 continued

  1. (30) photos including: Stars, stage, crowd: Sons of the Pioneers, Dixieland dancers, Music Village Show Band, Stan Hitchcock, Uncle Willy, Kay Adams, L.E. White, Lola Jean Dillon,Leona Williams
  2. (30) photos including: Sons of the Pioneers, Enos, Kippi Brannon, Kaye Adams, Kelly Lang, Harold Morrison
  3. (30) photos of various stars at MV USA: Sons of the Pioneers, Ranger Doug (of Riders in the Sky), Enos, Florida Bill, and Top songwriters, etc…
  4. (35) photos of various artists: Mark Gray, Keith Stegall, Cheryl Prewitt, Kenlake Dancers, Randy Shelton Singers, etc…

Celebration 1983/Music Village USA/ Early Stages of Development/etc.

  1. (25) photos Celebration 1983 including: signs, tent, crowd, etc.
  2. (30) photos Celebration 1983 including: Little Jimmy Dickens, Stan Hitchcock, Kay Adams, Kelly Lang, Uncle Willy, Music Village Show Band, etc.
  3. (25) photos Celebration 1983 including: stars, stage, etc.
  4. (30) photos Celebration 1983 with stars: George Strait, Johnny Russell, Enos, Little Jimmy Dickens, Stan Hitchcock, Kelly Lang, The Kinsmen
  5. (30) photos Celebration 1983 stage shots: Bobby Lewis, Kay Adams, Stan Hitchcock, Uncle Willy, Music Village Show Band, Etc.
  6. (30) photos Celebration 1983/ Music Village/ Twitty City, etc…
  7. (25) Photos/Early Stages Music Village USA/Twitty City/Marty Robbins Showcase/Ferlin Husky Showcase/Aerials, etc..
  8. (25) photos/ early stages of development/Music Village
  9. (10) photos/ Early stages Music Village/Twitty City
  10. (30) photos/Celebration 1983 including: stage, tents/crowds/ Florida Bill/Music Village Showband
  11. (25) photos Kenlake Music Hall, Aurora, KY, etc…
  12. (30) photos Kenlake Music Hall/Kenlake Dancers/Kenlake Band, etc
  13. (30) photos Celebration 1983 includes: Reba McEntire, John Conlee, Eddy Raven (white envelope w/red trim at top of box)

Box 6: special box                                             (1 of 2)

This box contains:

  1. 6 very special folders containing: only picture ever taken with Conway Twitty, Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lyn together. (and multiple photos of music village USA, Twitty City, brochures, etc.)
  2. Large Autographed Tammy Wynette Photo.
  3. autographed Album Jacket of Merle Haggard.
  4. (4) t-shirts with multiple stars autographs.
  5. Jerry Reed Bio + 6 photos.
  6. Eddy Raven Bio + 31 photos.
  7. Music village Poster of Conway, Tammy, Loretta in concert.
  8. (5) photos of Loretta Lynn Award Days, etc.
  9. Tammy Wynette discography.

Box 6:  special box                                            (2 of 2)

Folder 1:  30 photos of Conway, Tammy, Loretta, Ferlin, Marty Robbins museums/aerials/brochures,etc.

Folder 2:  30 photos (aerials) of Music Village/ Twitty City/ Marty Robbins showcase/Ferlin Husky museum,etc.

Folder 3:  103 photos (autographed) of stars performing at Music Village, USA (many in Hall of Fame)

Folder 4A:  20 photos including extensive info on Marty Robbins (discography, recordings, pictures, etc.)  Vince Gill Bio/ Keith Stegall Bio + photos/ Irlene Mandrell/ Hank Williams Drifting Cowboys Band/ ETC.

Folder 4B:  Music Village, USA Promo Folder, Letters of Intent w/ signatures of various artists including:  Pat Boone, Buck Trent of HeeHaw, McCormick Bros., Stan Hitchcock/ Bobby Seymour (Guitar World)/Reggie Lafaye (Mr. Sax)/ Sheb Wooley/ Jeannie Sealy/ Nick Boone/ Bobby G. Rice/ etc…

Folder 4C:  Cheryl Prewitt, Miss America 1980 (2) newsletters/ (2) Music Village original Folders, architectural, etc./ USA Today article w/Ronny Robbins+ Ben Jaggers/ Conway Twitty concert promo/ 1985 Performances schedules/ Newspaper articles Country Stars/ Misc. Pictures (12) Eddy Raven, Dave & Sugar, Dixieland Dancers, Bluegrass beauties dancers, Tent, Christmas Parade of Stars, etc…

Box 7

  1. Music Village Plaque
  2. Envelope 1
  3. Envelope 2
  4. (70) photos of misc. Stars
  5. (38) unsigned photos
  6. Various Photos
  7. (11) autographed photos
  8. Hundreds of negatives, etc…

Autographed Photos

  1. Reba McEntire
  2. Dottie West
  3. Cheryl Prewitt (Miss America 1980)
  4. Vern Gosdin
  5. Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys
  6. Jack Greene
  7. Mel McDaniel
  8. The Marty Robbins Band
  9. Dave & Sugar
  10. Hoyt Axton
  11. Dixie Land Dancers

Various Pictures Envelope (not inventoried)

  1. (3) Pictures: Jerry Reed
  2. (2) pictures: Little Jimmy Dickens
  3. Merle Travis (last performance before his death; 1983 at Music Village USA
  4. Ferlin Husky / Hardaway Father and son; contractors MV USA
  5. Ferlin Husky/ Ben Jaggers; Ferlin’s Museum ground breaking
  6. Crowd Shot Music Village USA; 1984
  7. (20) photos various: Conway/ Twitty City/ Renderings, etc…
  8. Twitty City Brochure
  9. Marty Robbins Bio, Hits, etc…
  10. Tammy Wynette Discography/ Indianapolis Star
  11. Jerry Clower posters
  12. Loretta Lynn Flyer + (2) articles
  13. Porter Wagoner + Ricky Skaggs Flyer (2 sides)
  14. Key Magazine Cover: Conway, Tammy, Loretta
  15. Key Magazine Cover: Mel Tillis, Reba McEntire
  16. Key Magazine Cover: Ronny McDowell, Louise Mandrell
  17. Irline Mandrell info
  18. (2) Aerial View Twitty City, Johnny Cash museum
  19. (3) pictures: (Conway/Entertainment Tonight)/ Conway Grand Opening
  20. Mandrell Family Calendar 1986

Miscellaneous Star photos, Renderings, etc…

  1. Photo: Ferlin Husky Wings of a Dove Museum/ Showcase of the Stars Theater-MV USA
  2. Photo: Stan Hitchcock/ Jeannie C. Riley/ Jerry Clower
  3. Photo: Bellamy Brothers/ Ben Jaggers
  4. Photo: Eddy Raven/ Jeannie Seeley/ others…
  5. Photo: Hugh Carden (Conway’s Gen. Mgr)/ Dee Twitty (Conway’s Wife)/ City, State Officials
  6. Photo: Jimmie C. Newman and wife/ Ben Jaggers
  7. Photo: Billy Walker/ Sheb Wooley/ others…
  8. Photo: The Whites/ Ben Jaggers
  9. Photo: The Hager Twins (HeeHaw)/ Ben and Mary Anne Jaggers
  10. Photo: Ferlin Husky/ Gerald McCormick/ others…
  11. Photo: Stan Hitchcock/ Ray Pillow/ others…
  12. Photo: Big Al Dowing/ Ben Jaggers
  13. Photo: Del Reeves
  14. Photo: Jimmie C. Newman and wife/ Ben Jaggers
  15. Photo: Gerald McCormick/ others…
  16. (2) photos: Clyde Foley Cummins/ Ben Jaggers
  17. Photo: Puppeteers/ Ben Jaggers
  18. (2) photos: Billy Walker and wife/ Ben Jaggers
  19. Photo: Mark Gray/ Ben Jaggers
  20. Photo: June Carter Cash + Carter Sisters/ Rosie Carter
  21. Photo: Dianne Jansen
  22. Photo: The Anthonys
  23. (26) Slides: special photos, stars, White House, etc…
  24. (20) photos: Various
  25. (4) Tickets to Twitty City/ Music Village USA
  26. Music Village USA Chamber/ New Release/ Schedule 1985
  27. Conway Twitty articles

Unsigned Photos

  1. Loretta Lynn
  2. Tammy Wynette
  3. Conway Twitty
  4. (2) Jerry Reed
  5. Ferlin Husky/ Marvis Husky
  6. (2) Jerry Clower
  7. (2) Ricky Skaggs
  8. The Whites
  9. Mel McDaniels
  10. Helen Cornelius
  11. Clay and Sally Hart (of The Lawrence Welk Show)
  12. (2) Eddy Raven
  13. (2) Ronnie McDowell
  14. Vince Gill
  15. Hank Williams and the Drifting Cowboys
  16. Razzy Bailey
  17. David Frizell
  18. (2) Johnny Russell (Grand Ole Opry)
  19. (3) Mark Gray
  20. (2) Steve Wariner
  21. Jim and Jesse McReynolds
  22. Thrasher Brothers
  23. Ed Bruce
  24. Keith Whitley
  25. Doyle Holly
  26. Larry Frye
  27. The Cannons
  28. Buck Trent (of HeeHaw)
  29. Maines Brothers

Framed poster, photos, etc…

  1. Johnny Cash Poster (Autographed/framed) 18” x 24”
  2. Ferlin Husky “Wings of a Dove” Museum photos framed in 22” x 24” frame
  3. 26” x 18” Framed front-page headline in Nashville Banner with Conway Twitty and Johnny Cash. Headline “$50 million Music Village planned”
  4. 32” x 44” Framed pictures of Music Village USA including: Twitty City/ Marty Robbins Memorial Museum/ Ferlin Husky “Wings of a Dove” Museum/ Showcase of the Stars Theater/ Pictures of Conway, Ferlin, Marty/ etc…
  5. 28” x 40” Framed Architectural rendering of Showcase of the Stars Theater at Music Village USA
  6. Hand-carved Baseball Bat from Jim Reeves birthplace in Deadwood, Texas

Videos of Country Artists

  1. America’s Country Magazine Show #9002
  2. Ronny McDowell video “Step Back”
  3. Mark Gray video “The Left Side of the Bed”
  4. Keith Stegall video “California”
  5. Mel McDaniel video “Stand Up”
  6. Mark Gray video “This Ole’ Piano”
  7. Mel McDaniel video “Let It Roll”
  8. Unnamed video

2” quad Video Tapes

  1. Kingsman:
  2. a) Master of the Sea b)Jesus, I Love You
  3. Sego’s:
  4. a) One Day I Will b) Happy Home
  5. Tennesseans
  6. a) Love Lifted Me b) He Is Good To Me
  7. Jake Hess-Choir

                a)Hallelujah, We Shall Rise           b) I Want To Know More

  1. Jake Hess Gospel Time-Tennesseans
  2. a) Sailing Toward Home b) Ten Thousand Years
  3. Sego’s
  4. a) Since I Got This Feeling b) I Pray My Way Out of Trouble
  5. Kingsmen
  6. a) I Can’t Even Walk Without You b)Over in the Gloryland
  7. Imperials

                a)Would You Believe In Me          b) Holy Spirit Speak to Me

  1. Blackwood Singers
  2. a) Create the Demand b) Some Day
  3. Blackwood Singers
  4. a) Our House b) Now We’re Not Strangers
  5. Truth
  6. a) There’s Something in the Air b) Because He Lives
  7. Truth
  8. a) He’s On His Way b) Get All Excited
  9. Matthews Family
  10. a) You Can’t Be a Beacon b) Hallelujah Square

2” quad Video Tape (continued 2)

  1. Matthews Family
  2. a) To God be the Glory b)Unworthy
  3. Pie Throwing
  4. Spur Family
  5. a) Touring that City                 b) Jesus, He is the Son of God
  6. The Downings
  7. a) I Feel So Good About It b) God’s Wonderful People
  8. The Downings

                a)In His Presence                             b) Praise Him Now

  1. The Downings

                a)Come On Let’s Praise Him         b) It’s My Desire

  1. Doug Oldham
  2. a) I’ve Got to Go On b) If That Isn’t Love
  3. Doug Oldham
  4. a) Thanks to Calvary b) Get All Excited
  5. Rambos
  6. a) I Call Him Lord b) Just What I Need
  7. Greater Is He
  8. Rambos
  9. a) New Shoes b) The Touch of Mama’s Hand
  10. Henry and Hazel
  11. a) I Wish We All Could Know b) This Ol’ House
  12. Jake Hess Sound
  13. a) All of Me b) I Choose Jesus

2” quad Video Tape  (continued 3)

  1. Jake Hess Sound

                a)Then I Met the Master                               b) Down on my Knees

  1. The Downings
  2. a) Greater is He b)Love
  3. The Orrells
  4. a) Give Me a Song to Sing at Midnight b) Heaven To Go To Heaven
  5. The Orrells

                a)We’re Together Again                                b) The Song That the Angels Could N’er Sing

  1. James Blackwood
  2. a) Keep On Singing b) Hallelujah Square       c)Come On Down
  3. Blackwood Brothers
  4. a) One Day at a Time

Envelope #1

  1. (3) photos: Christmas at Twitty City
  2. (1) Twitty City Plastic Gift Bag
  3. (2) Original renderings of Conway Twitty Complex
  4. (1) Conway Twitty Softball Classic Tournament Pass (1982)
  5. (1) Conway Twitty Softball Classic Tournament Flyer
  6. (1) Twitty City Gift & Collector’s Album Newsletter
  7. (2) Twitty City Times Newspaper
  8. (2) Hendersonville Chamber Letters feat. Conway
  9. (16) Newspaper articles feat. Conway
  10. Many articles, letters, work feat, the world’s only Christmas Parade of Stars in Hendersonville, TN; coordinated and co-sponsored by Music village USA…Many stars in their buses, horses, carriages, etc…
  11. (23) Articles: George Jones, Music Village USA, Etc…

Envelope #2

  1. Marty Robbins Letter (signed) to Judy Yates dated 6/7/1956.
  2. Autographed photo of Marty Robbins from 1950’s.
  3. Bio of Marty Robbins from his office (notice the phone number).
  4. (2) photos of Ferlin Husky of which (1) is autographed (1950’s).
  5. (2) photos of Carl Smith of which (1) is autographed (1950’s).
  6. (1) photo of Little Jimmy Dickens signed on back (1950’s).
  7. (2) photos of Jim Reeves of which (1) is signed on back.
  8. (1) 8x10 photo of Hank Snow and Son Jimmie Rodgers Snow (1950’s)
  9. Signed Letter from Tommy Cash to Benny Jaggers.
  10. Copy of Signed Letter from Ray Pillow to Bennie Jaggers.
  11. Copy of Signed Letter from Freddy Weller (Paul Revere and the Raiders).
  12. Copy of Signed Letter from Bobby Bare.
  13. (2) Signed Letters from Jackie Monaghan (business coordinator for Jeannie C. Riley)

Folder 5     (early photos etc. of Music Village, USA, Twitty City, etc) 509 total Photos in 18 envelopes.

  1. (30) photos: Music Village/ Twitty City/ Opening Day Special 1984/ Entertainment Tonight @ Twitty City, etc…
  2. (31) photos: Marty Robbins Memorial Showcase Groundbreaking/ renderings/ Stage Show, etc…
  3. (29) photos: Ferlin Husky Wings of a Dove Museum: Groundbreaking/ Architectural Renderings, etc…
  4. (30) photos: Twitty City/ Marty Robbins/ Ferlin Husky/ Conway’s Home @ Twitty City w/daughter Kathy and Conway/ Ben Jaggers with Conway’s Brother, etc…
  5. (25) Photos: Marty Robbins Memorial Showcase/Groundbreaking/ Architectural renderings, etc…
  6. (22) Photos: Twitty City Grand Opening 1983. Conway, Tammy Wynette/ Twitty Bird 1&2 buses/ Conway and Ralph Emory/ Ronny McDowell/ etc…
  7. (30) Photos: Twitty City/ Ferlin Husky Museum/ Marty Robbins Memorial showcase/ Showcase Theater (aerials), etc…
  8. (30) Photos: First dirt turned for Music Village, USA/ Twitty City/ etc…
  9. (30) Photos: Twitty City/ Johnny Cash Museum/ Ferlin Husky Museum/ Marty Robbins Showcase/ aerials, and under construction/ etc…
  10. (30) Photos: Twitty City/ Johnny Cash Museum/ Ferlin Husky Museum/ Marty Robbins Showcase/ aerials, and under construction/ etc…
  11. (30) Photos: Early Development of Music Village, USA,; Twitty City; Marty Robbins Showcase; Ferlin Husky Showcase and Wing of a Dove Museum; Showcase of the Stars Museum.
  12. (30) Photos: Aerials/ Twitty City/ Marty Robbins Showcase/ Ferlin Husky Showcase
  13. (30) Photos: Early Development: Twitty City/ Ferlin Husky/ Marty Robbins/Showcase Theater/ etc..
  14. (30) Photos: Setting Up Celebration 1983 featuring: Sons of the Pioneers/ George Strait/ Pat Boone/ Reba McIntyre/ June Carter Cash/ Ronny McDowell/ Bill Monroe/ many more…
  15. (30) Photos: Celebration 1983 featuring various artists, tent, stage, crowd, Showband, etc…
  16. (30) Photos: Music Village USA/ Showcase of the Starts Theater (under construction)
  17. (30) Photos: Music Village USA 1983 “getting it started”/ renderings/Marty’s/Ferlin’s/ etc…
  18. (12) Photos: Eddy Raven/ Dave & Sugar/ Groundbreakings/ etc…